Drawing (452) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Language breathes, it contracts and then bursts apart again. We made it all the way to twenty-six letters in infinite different combinations of words and phrases and even to representing letters in a binary code which promises a higher rate of transmission. Now people look at themselves from the outside and fall silent. They no longer dare to trust themselves and leave their memories to the machines. Once sent off, these signs of life can no longer be retrieved. A large bell whose clapper recalls the oblong stone of a date. The silhouettes of aloe plants on Laguna Beach, California, shortly before it burnt down and I packed my bags to move to Berlin. In the sky, a pile of knocked-over chairs and T-girder cross sections in regular permutations. A blindfolded woman has been hanged from a construction crane in Iran; in case anyone should ask what will happen to us when surrounded by the nonsense of a state religion." (From: arsenal, september 17)


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