Drawing (451) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"From the annals of an institutional constipation. An ordination at St Peter’s Basilica in Rome floats upside down in the sky and disappears into a hard to make out distance. In front of it, a hastily repaired buttplug that resembles a darning mushroom with a thimble together with a drawstring made of excrement that is sticking out of a ring of protective paper to the top left, wrapping itself around the neck of a human figure like a stole. Parts of a baroque parapet can be seen on the top right-hand side of the image, with a hand making either defensive or stroking movements to the bottom right enclosed within a square. Two American soldiers in the First Gulf War stand watch, guns in hands; blades of grass sway in the wind. A person is impaled on a broomstick with outstretched arms and feet in such a way that the pole protrudes from the top of the skull. A lesson in object teaching: the figure’s different areas of skin have been painted variously black and white on the body for illustrative purposes in relationship to the accompanying dorsal vertebras." (From: arsenal, november 19).


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