Drawing (449) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Concerned friends - two white beams shrinking into mouches volantes and a lion whose mouth is torn open by an angel and is regurgitating a rope. The cord itself is in a noose which emerges from a mass of people beguiled by advertisements. It gets what it sees - You Get What You See - and waves Good riddance! Last Winter semester was my last at the University of the Arts Berlin. What I had in mind in 1993 were "poetic" teachings whatever that in the field of cinema,  which is prone to commonplace platitudes, could have been despite the ill placed adjective. The caption "... but a semblance of randomness always returns" was printed by my friend David Marc to accompany this 1975 drawing in his book Bonfire of the Humanities: Television, Subliteracy, and Long-Term Memory Loss and thus opened its second chapter entitled "Literacy - Love It or Leave It." (From: arsenal, february 13).


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