Drawing (445) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Admit One as printed on an American cinema ticket for one person. It contains the dates of two birthdays: one real, in Achim, on January 22nd 1948, and one imaginary, in Amsterdam, on October 9th 1979. In the background is a diseased forest whose recovery has never been of great interest to me: an illusory context, silently there, which invites catcalls and stupefies minds. A pair of garden shears threatens to cut off a giraffe’s neck, as a rescue helicopter floats over its horns. If I were to cut off some part of me, it would be my feet, which I would then be standing next to. The feet of a Chinese man complete with sandals can be seen, which were cut off and sewn back on again. A bamboo stem in China, into which a friend scratched the Pym Films logo back in 1986, prevents a pair of mental scissors from snapping shut. A form of state capitalism where the roles of lord and servant can be chosen freely, with a replaceable Saint Just as the big boss figure, the utopia of All You Can Eat thus fulfilled. (From: arsenal, november 13).


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