Drawing (443) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"A sand path in Morocco in the midday heat. A veiled woman pauses at a city wall made of clay. A statue hung with big Christmas tree baubles struts past, casting a small shadow. To the top right, an astronaut clad in white is carrying out a space walk in the sky, a divine appearance. All this is a surreal sketch on a page ripped out of a spiral bound notebook, above which a perfume bottle floats and sends out alarm signals. A memory from Meshes of the Afternoon by Maya Deren, in which a veiled woman glides down a flight of steps in the Hollywood Hills. There is a mirror bordered by black veil before her face, within which the viewer is allegedly supposed to be reflected. But in the film itself, you can only see the reflection of the white sky of back then. All our attempts to reflect or be reflected in a film are in vain. It remains a crude container of a past era, whose contemporariness only sometimes becomes an argument. The viewer is in the picture even without the mirror." (From: arsenal, june 16).


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