Drawing (430) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"(Creeping) tactics – The target area of the exercises of the U.S. Marines is a domestic scene in 1950s West Germany. Listening to the radio in a concentrated manner was a way to escape the historical catastrophe and the various personal blind alleys. The programs of the English and American occupiers were salvation. Glenn Miller and Buddy Holly spread consolation and melodiousness. Nationalistically minded neighbours accused me of collaboration when I gave the British soldiers camping behind the railway embankment pears from our garden. As a 13-year-old, I fell in love with one of them, whom his comrades called Storky due to his sinewy slimness and who was surely not yet 18, and I succeeded in seducing him. Later, the interplay of the electric guitars of the Rolling Stones in minute 1:25 to 1:53 of their song It's All Over Now created such a strong cultural expression over the noises of the factory in which I had to work that I decided to change my profession." (From: Schwarze Blöcke, SchwarzHandPresse 2010).


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