Drawing (415) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Brazilian soccer player Leonardo Nascimento de Arauja during the World Cup match between Chile and Brazil in 1998, his hands raised in protest at a handball. To the top left and the bottom right, US presidential candidates embrace their trophy wives following a public TV discussion, as if it were all still about an ordered and civil life. A Roman floor mosaic with depictions of seafood from Pompeii, shifted by ninety degrees four times: 1. white, 2. gray, 3. with texture, 4. black, and the whole thing crossed out in white. The Roman all-over-design is what determines the general impression of the drawing, in the same way that the construct “Rome” has reared its head once again in modern democracies. The relativization troops are on standby, slavery has only lost its bad reputation temporarily and is flourishing in all parts of the world.  Will the “We are the people”–people set themselves the political goal of murder and robbery once again? The logic of a national socialism promises nothing else." (From: arsenal, march 19).


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