Drawing (413) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Pacific Palisades (PP) in Los Angeles, 1998. The trunk of an eucalyptus tree in the garden of the Feuchtwanger villa at Paseo Miramar, crossed by the dark course of a dried-up riverbed in Utah, photographed on the return flight from Chicago. Furthermore, the lower part of Sunset Boulevard to the Pacific Coast Highway along the Santa Monica Bay. The junctions with the other highways are marked with squares. Two eye and teeth areas with mood lines (b = before) and (a = after) cosmetic surgery. A befriended actor comes by on his motorcycle. Tomorrow it's off to filming a version of the bible in Africa. Who or what he is supposed to act there? "No idea, but Italian production + Morocco as location = no taxes." This realism is reassuring. In the impassable forests on the hills, there are mountain lions, on their paths the Aesthetics of Failure. The system is finished, but it's too big to fail and resorts to threatening gestures. Utter boredom." (From: arsenal, november 11).


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