Drawing (412) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"City of Angels, April 28, 1998. Hermes, as the leg-amputated messenger of the gods in the museum of Santa Barbara. The skyline of Westwood Village on a postcard from the 1950s gives a premonition of the past, dusty beauty of this city. Above, the lower end of Sunset Boulevard in Pacific Palisades up to the crossing Pacific Coast Highway in Los Angeles. The working rich thunder along in their helicopters between LAX and Malibu. A shuttle drives from Los Liones Drive up Paseo Miramar to the Villa Aurora, street number 520. The Eucalyptus trees imported from Australia are a plague in Southern California, because their deep roots take water away from other plants. The one drawn here is in the garden of the Feuchtwanger mansion. Morsels are served and torches are set up against mosquitoes. There is a long line of guests who want to have my drawings printed out behind the computer. Hélas, there's something for free!" (From: arsenal, november 10).  


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