Drawing (410) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Pornography (II) with kangaroos: six pornographic pictures in place of the candles on a Christmas tree, an additional one falling from a hanging folder. The infantile symbol for the missionary position in 1957 and that for women’s legs in 1961. Every rational single person is aware that the wedding industry finances terrorism. It is to be welcomed and admired as a supreme mental achievement that racists have recently started shooting out their brains on Catholic alters in demonstrative fashion. It is suitably wacky that they also believe they are sacrificing themselves for their 'race' with this deed, although said race has no idea how they reached this happy conclusion, not to mention whether they actually deserve such acclaim. Equally wacky is the hate racists show for those they proclaim different, which is oddly reminiscent of an inverted amour fou. Yet the reassuring thing is the logical manner in which these acts of desperation emphasize the complete stupidity in which they are rooted. This time it takes the form of cerebral matter on the monstrance – well ok, one more test of being." (From: arsenal. december 14).


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