Drawing (405) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"'Economic' funding nonsense: if only that were the case. What’s funded instead is a caricature of business life, which is celebrated by the handing over of a one-square-meter large check in the one case in a hundred in which the invested capital actually generates a return, so that a new lot of dough can be bagged up for the next load of junk. What’s funded is scripts that are formalized through and through or based on what the 'wider' public allegedly wants to see, but then doesn’t actually do so, because they’ve learned from US television in the meantime what a film can be outside of pussy-footed stupidity. A transparent 'as if' mechanism that can be used to put one over on cultural politicians who suffer from a need to justify themselves. Anyone so ashamed of funding culture should perhaps just let it be, or at least not call it 'culture'. In that sense, the term 'economy' is the right one once again, as it stands for much that doesn’t pay and a sphere in which shady wheeling and dealing can be carried out unchecked." (From: arsenal, march 20).


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