Drawing (394) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Feet kept on the ground by weights, the lines on their soles can be read just like the ones that appear on the hands. A combinatorial arrangement of squares that fails due to its own complexity. What is the task of the arts in the 21st century, asks the Akademie der Künste. Art stems from the necessity to expand languages and concepts, to carry out research on them in experimental fashion, and provide a record of this process. It cannot expect understanding or sympathy here, to say nothing of taking them for granted or even begging for them. Art should not regard itself as social work and thus discredit the professions of the social worker or designer. The German word Aufgabe (giving up) might imply that art would be abandoned were it to raise its head high in independence. Yet art has no tasks, nor should it be allocated any by critics and curators in political fashion to monitor their enforcement. If artists chose to set themselves tasks or accept them, that’s their own business. The concept of the 21st century is an untenable disposition." (From: arsenal, february 18).


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