Drawing (391) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP


The Chinese Landscape, 1971, a domestic scene seen through a fish-eye lens. Water pipes painted red and blue in memory of the fashion to “emphasize their functionality”. A shack for the whole world, mass choirs following the call of the drum: modernity. Banana-shaped dildos grow out of the cracks and openings of a perfect kitchen – or are they sickle moons? A woman cleans, cooks, and washes them up, a child holds one out in front of him in his left hand, puzzled, staring at nothing, as the kitchen roll waits to be used. On the floorboards, indigenous peoples draw on anal stretching to torture their own. All the violent acts of the past centuries appear to have been thought of anew. A promise is a promise: eschatological paradises lurk behind the black holes of the universe. People should only walk around veiled like Wahhabites to avoid frightening aliens with our bodily form. The assumed balance of the universe is merely a snapshot." (From: arsenal, december 16)


Titlepage of "The Chinese Landscape", Raw MailBook Nr. 8, NYC 1979. 

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