Drawing (385) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"This picture pretends that God omitted two bricks in the wall of the face and instead hung a plummet above a pail with black water in front of it in order to guarantee a 90-degree angle of vision and firmly screw the head to the spinal column: be the horizontal a symbol of the horizon and the vertical a symbol of gravity; picture frames ought to be oriented toward them in a parallel way. A rod with stylized water becomes a saw blade. Tomas the Doubter by El Greco walks around in front of the wall with a right angle measuring 92 degrees. Symbols thus begin to flounder. Behind the wall, the first landscape appearing in the film Arrowplane, a meadowy hill at the edge of a forest. All three inserted panoramas from Arrowplaneindulge in the horizon line in their very own way. The meadowy hill shapes it into a sine curve, the city chops it up with its verticals, and the sea offers a self-identical line that leaves back the stones on the shore in chaos." (From: arsenal, july august 11).


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