Zeichnung (378) aus DIE BASIS DES MAKE-UP

"Text under construction"

Eine Szene in 100 Hudson Street, 1974. Deutsche Verkehrspolizisten dämmen die Ausbeulung meines Moskitonetzes über dem Bett ein. Ein Zeppelin rammt in das Linoleum des Bodens. Ein Glas mit blutrotem Sekt. An der Wand das Logo einer Bank.

Lynne Tillman: "It had been a reckless night. For all of us. It was no use, bringing in the officials, even men on horseback. This isn't a movie at whose end we can all be saved. All we wanted was to allow the center to disappear, becoming the background, or, in other words, last night itself. It is senseless to try to keep order when our purpose is to destroy the ground in which pictures appear."


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