Drawing (376) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"100 Hudson Street, Room 407, in the Triangle Below Canal Street, NYC at the end of 1974. The name TriBeCa did not yet exist at the time. I was lying under a mosquito net - an uncoordinated body with an earache wearing clothes made of synthetic fiber - reading time based on the reflections of the winter sun on the silver ribs of the just completed World Trade Center. A useless telex cable hung by an invisible thread from the ceiling of my burnt-out office. I found the chair during a snowstorm on Thompson Street in the West Village. It reminded me of my friend Heinz from Bavaria, who ten years earlier had reconciled me to my name. The chair's silhouette led to apparitions that upon closer examination could be read as afterimages. It's nice what the eyes themselves have to offer. Even if it's as cold as beneath the earth, one's own temperature an unknown quantity, and one can barely move any longer." (From: arsenal, december 09).


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