Drawing (370) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Icons among themselves: Jaqueline Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis sitting on opposite sides of the very back seat of a stretch limousine. A woman as a trophy refusing any handshake or as compliant prey, representing her exchange value not just in terms of sex. This horror, which has the effrontery to play family, is covered by the black silhouette of a section of Giovanni Fattori’s 1904 canvas The Explosion of the Munition Truck, which stems from a time when painting started thinking scientifically. This is accompanied by the start of a simple combination of black and white squares whose end could be predicted, or at least in art (there’s more to come). New scene: in relation to the doctrine of art in the era of technical visual media and thus also experimental film (which is owed to the industrial revolution), it can be said without any restriction that 'The experiment which precedes efficiency as a condition makes an assumption of wasteful fallacy' (Pierre Klossowski)." (From: arsenal, january 18).


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