Drawing (339) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"A heavy sky, apocalyptic turns of eras in increasingly rapid successions. A battlefield on the Kerch peninsula in south-eastern Crimea, where over 176,000 soldiers and civilians were slaughtered by the Germans. In 1942, the Soviet photographer Dmitri Baltermants photographed the silhouettes of people looking for the mortal remains of their relatives. To the right, an astronaut who looks like a cherub carries out some work on the outside of a space station. His scraping is in vain - he cannot escape the time in which he is captured. Above, the extended arm of an immortal mushroom with highly-poisonous spores reaches into the picture like a probe sucking up all life. Below left, is the self-portrait of Urs Graf as a striding mercenary - a caricature from the year 1519 on and from the outermost periphery of perception. A bird is about to crash onto his head like on Tippi Hedren's in The Birds. Self-help advice for media people: Set your TV to black-and-white mode and you will receive instant past!" (From: arsenal, june 12).


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