Drawing (335) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"The terrace of the Wilson House built in Silverlake, Los Angeles, by Rudolph Schindler in 1935, with a lemon tree and ornaments of a Chinese carpet floating in space. A raw egg is pricked with one of the veranda's light blue painted roof beams. If one were to talk about color in a black and white picture this would be a complementary yellow. The balance of a thoughtful architecture and its colors surprises us in our sleep and then leaves us as a nightmare. To delay a feeling for as long as possible, to squeeze a country out for ones own purposes - that's the United States of America. If a state thinks it has to stage an idea of itself, it's the end of the beginning. Empires perish because of self-referentiality. Do you know the greenhouse in which lemons bloom? In the Lebanon War of 2006, a soldier pulls his sleeping bag over his face and tries to fall asleep and lose consciousness again and again - a final pleasure." (From: arsenal, april 13).


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