Drawing (329) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"During the First Gulf War, two helicopters drop off soldiers close to Kuwaiti oil wells already in flames. A pair of handcrafted English gentleman’s shoes float down to earth in the clouds of smoke, positive and negative. The scenery switches to one of the rooms of the Barnes Collection in Philadelphia, where dozens of paintings by Pierre-Auguste Renoir were exhibited in a Petersburg hanging. Just in passing: have the newly constructed museums of Modern Art in the Gulf States actually opened or are they closed again already? Are their Western directors still grateful for their buildings’ over-the-top architectures? And are there still artists proud to have their work exhibited there or are they all dead already? A wide spread sense of horror in contemporary art: the epistemological value of exhibits obtained with the help of crookedly self-righteous indulgent payments rapidly fades. According to the warning sign on the wall, this could be placed in relation to their monetary value. The wrecking ball is already waiting." (From: arsenal, march 17).


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