Drawing (317) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"A pack of paper towels printed with a visual pamphlet on the division of mankind on a wall of an Italian hotel, 1971. Woman = make-up / man = shaving utensils. In 1982, the drawing became the motif of the poster for the film Normalsatz, which retraces this dividing line. The figure on the right consists of a negative of all the components of the self-portrait in drawing Nr. 316 (mai 10). The fact that my father gave me a shaver when I didn't even have growth of beard yet was a traumatic event. Especially because he, as an old Indian, hardly had one himself. A warship in camouflage colors during the First World War on an oblique horizon, a first step toward the development of geometrical-optical illusion painting, away from the "battleship gray." Camouflage colors were not enough. Grotesque patterns in strong contrasts confused the assessment of actual formations and lines. A few Cubist painters thus evaded service at the front as specialists important for the war." (From: arsenal, may 11).



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