Drawing (300) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"The attempt to draw a sound: the demonstration of a Ginsu-2000 knife, with which one can cut up a tin can. A Japanese fighter aircraft from the Second World War approaching the silhouette of a young shooter in the ready room of the aircraft carrier USS Ticonderoga on November 5, 1944, somewhere in the Philippine Sea. His head is full of engine sounds. Recordings of sexual fantasies acted out by the state when using the bodies of young soldiers are burnt into the silhouette. Who is declared the victim, and what stimulates the surviving admiral? Time and again the utopia of flying off the handle and being able to live in a different time. On the bottom, two narcissists at a gay tea dance in Berlin's Metropol, at the end of the 1980s, when the bare male chest drew level with the female breast in the media of the Western world. The dance consisted in appearing as a concave mirror surface in such a way that a focal point was created somewhere in the empty space. And the sound turned into music." (From: arsenal, april 10).


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