Drawing (287) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"The gods loved Prometheus because of his wisdom. Yet he doubted their omniscience and tested Jupiter's practical intelligence - to the latter's disadvantage. He then went on to train humans and imbued them with fire, which he had stolen from heaven. Out of vengeance, Jupiter had him chained to the Caucasus and an eagle eat his liver everyday, which grew again at night. Torture that lasted thirty years. The Enchained Prometheus is the title of a sculpture by Reinhold Begas, with which pretentious Berlin embellished itself around 1900. One regarded oneself as creation's crowning glory, albeit chained. Prometheus' soul is divided into a black butterfly and a black liver. The eagle performing this division is sitting on the right branch of a Y. Two Ls (= Learner) mark the corners of an internal picture frame. Within it, the gaze of Prometheus collides with that of a vulture in a held-out block of ice. The bullet is approaching from the left, with which Hercules shot the bird." (From: arsenal, january 11).


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