Drawing (284) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"A unit of Russian engineers in Cuba marching towards the construction site for a rocket launching facility, shortly before the Cuban missile crisis in October 1962. They are framed to the left and right by the two halves of an x-ray of a human body, which is being shredded by falling Tetris formations. A torn-off umbilical cord hangs from the sky and holds up the raft of a blind passenger marooned before the coast of Somalia. A recollection of the victims of the Argentinean military dictatorships of the 70s and 80s, who carried their opponents in airplanes and cast them out over the sea from great heights while still alive. It is the power emerging from the periphery that frames this sketch, whose centre is empty. This power trusts in its own implosive radiance, no longer represents anything more and attempts to gain recognition as a deliberate much ado about nothing. Argentinean General Menendez mentioned the numbers in advance: 'We will have to kill 50,000 people: 25,000 subversives, 20,000 sympathizers, and 5,000 as the mistakes we will make.''" (From: arsenal, november 14)


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