Drawing (275) from DIE BASIS DES MAKE-UP

"The grave of Kasimir Malevich was embellished by a cubic block of stone with an embedded square of black stone standing on a plinth. It looked like a monitor of the first PC generation, on the black surface of which everything – everything conceivable and visible and all processes – could be projected from the outside by the viewer, but also from the inside out of the density of the stone’s material. The grave was destroyed in the Second World War when the German troops approached Moscow. Here, the tombstone can be seen in July 1945 at the place where the first atomic bomb exploded, a test ground in New Mexico. Robert Oppenheimer is on visit in the landscape scorched to the horizon and is confronted by the presence of a novel gender: the lower part of the body on the wooden legs of a valet, with a small skirt flying high over a square, osmotic surface." (From: arsenal, juni 09)


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