Drawing (258) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"A sleeping Israeli soldier and the silhouette of a walking one during the Lebanon War, 2006. Under the branches of an olive tree and the silhouette of a palm tree on the grounds of the Toole House in Palm Desert, California, built by Rudolph Schindler out of wood and stones in 1946. The walking one approaches the iron gate designed by Schindler. A rare rain is falling everywhere, the drops of which leave longish marks on the film images. At the top right, the portrait of four-star General George S. Patton on a shopping bag of the bookstore in the General Patton Memorial Museum on Interstate Highway 10 located on the edge of the Californian Yoshua Tree Desert. "May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't." Patton died in December 1945 in Heidelberg after a car accident in Mannheim. The sleep of the just in a clinch with the sleep of reason that produces monsters. Morpheus, the son of sleep, is the God of dreams. He can take on any form and appears to those who sleep in thousands of shapes." (From: arsenal, september 11).


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