Drawing (241) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"International nonsense: the fact that Hollywood is acting as if it were 'left-wing' and votes 'Democrat' presupposes a considerable degree of emotional confusion in the face of the range of products being offered there. The permanent repetitions and re-stagings of visions of the apocalypse from which we are saved by the actions of individual superheroes and leaders show no shortage of fascistic ideologies. It is thus no wonder that a well-known American avant-gardist wished for director Spielberg to spend time in a gas chamber 'without a happy ending' after watching Schindler’s List. The casting of superhero roles and models also leaves a lot to be desired in terms of racism. The fact that Ashley Judd went to court because such a superhero role was stolen from her – along with the clearly essential remuneration – because she didn’t take part in sexist casting couch customs also won’t change anything, even if fifty percent of these roles are given to women. The only thing that would then be more fairly distributed is stupidity." (From: arsenal, februar 20, where it was falsely numbered Nr. 238 and published with drawing Nr. 238).


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