Drawing (239) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"In the foreground, remains of the 6th German Army accompanied by Russian guard details and their dogs on the way to captivity through the snow. In addition, three pyramidal studs in the formation of the Big Dipper. In the background, a package of dried noodles with information on the nutrients: FIBER, WHEAT GERM, IRON. My right hand below the two-part scar on the lower arm draws in my father's notebook on the page with his entries from October 1, 1941: a list of wounded and killed soldiers, a total of 225. He had been a medical orderly in Russia and in the end only had Schokakola as medicine in his first-aid kit. He couldn't tell me what that meant. By the reasoning of those running the concentration camps, it would have been logical to provide the Germans with sausages made from the meat of the murdered in that last winter of the war. Forty-eight years after it happened, the scars on my arm led to the remark: 'What veterinarian did you come across?' As if children had been worth more there at the time than today." (From: Schwarze Blöcke, SchwarzHandPresse 2010).


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