Drawing (232) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Europe in the grip of an iron glove. Fourteen silver spoons drifting out of the picture to the West, and, in the opposite direction, from America, a long-stemmed garden rake scratching my father's forehead. The iron hand carrying Europe in its claws was the symbol of Bolshevism for the specialist magazine of the US Marines. Who is grabbing after whom here? The effort to anchor personal guilt and atonement in this roundelay of world history, into which one was born, became a utopian endeavour. Only one thing was clear: The 'miracle' in the German term Economic Miracle was not the economy, according to which destruction is still always the best precondition for regaining power, but the souls of the survivors that continued to be economically active in an unmoved fashion. The term celebrates the coldness of survival, which was then passed on to us children. To break this chain is regarded as a crime against 'nature', of which the Nazis had already made their atrocious rhyme and reason." (From: Black Blocks, Cinema Scope #46, 2011).

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