Drawing (224) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Experimental nonsense: let’s assume that you, as a filmmaker, are planning to rewrite the film funding laws in such a way that the money flows straight into your own pockets in the future, then one would have to counter this by saying that there’s nothing new under the sun. Ideally, you would then force them to give you your own television channel and fill it primarily with your own products. The quantity of what you’ve produced may not be sufficient though, meaning you’d be dependent on external commodities. As you don’t intend to pay for any rights, but rather want on the contrary to cut all rights of use for these programs yourself, you distort and shift the colors of the visual and film quotes you’re using and edit some sort of unnecessary trifles into them and voila, you already have a product for which you can claim that 'artistic adaptation' has been carried out; that way you end up with all the profit. The fact that critics will praise your adaptations in glowing terms is only logical, as there’s nothing more beloved than experimental nonsense."(From: arsenal, october 20)

A tart made of shoes.


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