Drawing (221) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"A torn curtain of black water, under which a mountain climber from the 1930s is climbing up a chimney between two brain halves and two sculpted parts of shadow. The man keeps the brain halves and the shadows apart with his hands and feet. A chasm forms between his legs. A failed future comprising of balancing acts between regularly occurring bloody operettas. The separation of mind and stomach has been proclaimed and tolerated - stupidly. The climber's gaze rests on the man with the shadow from Edward Hopper's programmatic 1921 etching Night Shadows. To the right are passers-by with their shadows from Alexander Rodchenko's photography Gathering for a Demonstration in the Courtyard of Vchutemas, Moscow 1928, seen from a balcony. In between, in upright rectangles, are three variants of a branch from Ando Hiroshige's 1858 woodcarving Moon Pine at Veno. Exempted brains as the primeval soup of the arts - not a revolution, but a circulation. " (From: arsenal, october 12).


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