Drawing (210) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Lips, Meaning, Speculation, Personality, Dead, and Statements are the last words of each of the six sentences comprising the English translation of the prose poem Le Démon de l´Analogie by Stéphane Mallarmé. Written on the wall of the Zippelhaus in Hamburg, the shooting location of the film Demon in 1977, they served as keywords for the movements of the actors. The dustpan was a prop in the film. The steam heater with a stone plate is from the same room. On it an ensemble of a marble paperweight and a small plastic tree including their shadows, as an homage to Arnold Böcklin’s Toteninsel. In the back the chest of a bronze man rising like a crawler from the grave of Georges Rodenbach, a friend of Mallarmé, at the cemetery Père Lachaise in Paris. Chiseled in the gravestone the sentence: 'Lord, give me the hope to live on in the melancholy eternity of the book.' Two last matches in a matchbook with a striking surface." (From: arsenal, july august 2009).


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