Drawing (198) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"The large-scale construction site for a particle acceleration facility deep below the earth of the North American desert, with the traces left behind by photons on an imaging medium in the background. Research is to be conducted here on fusion processes for elementary particles and proof of the existence of anti-matter to be found, the result being an infinite series of unread data. A cavity of heterosexuality with its clearly delineated sexual symbolism. At the edge of the image to the left, two rowers can be seen in an eight-man German World Championship scull. On the end of an oar shaped like a magnifying glass, the x-ray plate carrying the proton traces has turned negative. To the bottom right, a massive wooden penis from a Shinto temple in Kyoto, Japan, its glans currently being polished by an employee. An academic world that is mentally overwhelmed demands that the political correctness of traditional forms of art be urgently reviewed. But we already know that we live in the Middle Ages. It would be better to bury time capsules that pass on the kindest of regards to those born later." (From: arsenal, november 16)


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