Drawing (197) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"An officer from Anti Terror Unit GSG 9 on a fishing hook abseils down into a maelstrom. Above him, carved in wood by Hokusai, a real whopper of a wave, also known as a tidal wave, tsunami or groundswell. The bamboo fishing rod from which the officer is suspended floats before the backdrop of a granite memorial which exalts the forms of bourgeois arithmetic as a basic anthropological constant and carries the title “10 percent minus 5 percent equals 5 percent”. To the bottom right, parts of the back of a piece of bronze ornamentation from the National Farmer’s Bank in Owatonna, Minnesota designed by Louis H. Sullivan in 1906, and on the left a gay tea dancer hastily fleeing the scene at the Metropol in Berlin at the beginning of the 90s. For a long time already, there can be no more talk of the self-evident beauty of the body. It’s already agreed that today’s Narcissus is repulsed by his own beauty if he didn’t indeed feel like that from the very start. A mirror does its bit with the metallic taste it produces when you lick its back. (From: arsenal, april 18).


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