Drawing (192) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"A self-portrait that shows me with long hair in Naples in 1971. A desert without adverbs of either time or place, a severe depression corroding the Tuscan landscape. Lighting strikes one of San Gimignano’s medieval defense towers, while a stone in the form of the octahedron from Albrecht Dürer’s Melencolia I dislodges itself from the roof parapet and falls on my head. Dürer too must have known this feeling. The sun leaves us as vegetables. That’s what’s useful about the course of time. One is reminded of the hot air balloon flight over the Egyptian pyramids that Michael Jackson invited his goddesses Jackie Onassis, Diana Ross, and Elizabeth Taylor to join him on so that they could crown the creation of the Western character. Who has seen every place in the world must rely on the landscape of his dreams, in order to later despair at the fact that dreams cannot be dreamed on seamlessly as one desires. They follow a different logic, they allow the synapses to be recombined again and again. The only thing that can help now is Milk, milky-white Propofol, perfect for escaping nightmares." (From: arsenal, january 16).


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