Drawing (187) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"A self-portrait during the shooting of a porn movie in San Francisco in the summer of 1975. On the wall of the location, an apartment in Mission District, Vladimir Tatlin's sketch for a sculpture celebrating the Third International - a picture I always had with me at the time. In my notes from that period, hardly any filmmakers appear, apart from Buster Keaton, Jack Smith and Josef von Sternberg. And as far as fine artists are concerned, in addition to Tatlin only Francis Picabia, Aleksandr Rodchenko, Edouard Vuillard, and El Lissitzky. Instead, a large number of writers, as if literature constituted a greater fund of models for solving logical problems - also virulent in film - in representing simultaneous events: Gustave Flaubert, Philip K. Dick, Arthur Rimbaud, Marcel Proust, and time and again Edgar Poe – 'I have graven it within the hills, and my vengeance upon the dust within the rock', the anonymous inscription in the cave of a rock formation at the South Pole. Allan, the name of his hated stepfather is avoided." (From: arsenal, may 10).


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