Drawing (181) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"A domestic scene in Red Hook, Brooklyn in 1975, Marcia Bronstein and Silke Grossmann in Marx / Engels formation with a sack of onions on their heads. I slam my refrigerator door and there’s a cheap speaker on the floor. A reproduction of Edward Hopper’s painting Room at the Sea hangs on the wall. The silhouettes of the glass shards we brought with us from Lower Manhattan are inside the busts of those being portrayed. The cockroach-infested fridge was a welcome gift from our new landlord. Although our food kept for longer inside, it remains unclear whether staying in this part of town will permanently  affect how long I myself will end up living. Frieda Grafe’s “Refrigerator as a Domestic Organ”, a text dedicated to my cool observations on domestic stagings, was published in the Süddeutsche Zeitung on March 23, 1985. One of the editors did, however, change the title to “Endless Love Triangles”, most likely because he himself was caught up in one." (From: arsenal, september 14).


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