Drawing (179) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"A polling booth in British Columbia with a woman and a child who is allowed to watch the voting. Both are wearing Sunday clothes, "Do not enter when wet." Or a woman whose head is hovering in a black cloud into which she draws her daughter. Or simply denial - suppressing the possibility that the rug could be pulled out from under one's feet. The fatherless nuclear family stands on the swaying floor of wall-to-wall carpeting unwinding from a roll. Survival comes before Hokusai: a wall-to-wall carpet that seems to be able to make a churning sea subside and, as an economic law, spreads from continent to continent across the Pacific Ocean. Accompanied by the interplay between a hand and the head of a tomcat that wants to be stroked - precisely at places its tongue and paws can't reach. Any old domestic scene, then, under the patronage of democracy. But the child has squealed that the mother didn't vote but only threw dice." (From: arsenal, april 11).


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