Drawing (174) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"The dark phase of a solar eclipse at Lake Hambach on August 11, 1999. Two naked men in boxing gloves disappear within the long grass on the edge of the lake. A wheel gymnast from the photo book In Licht und Sonne by Kurt Reichert from the 1930s crosses the sunbathing area, as does the shadow of the low-flying Air Force One with President Clinton on board on its way from Schönefeld to Moscow. Or was it just a second Air Force One flying the same route as a distraction without the president on board? The men in the grass are startled by the noise and feel bothered by this possible doubling. Like rabbits on their hindlegs, they sniff the air to pick up the scent. Everything stinks of fumes, the space seems to solidify, a temporal anomaly begins, and a futuristic, jet-propelled, three-egged sexual organ appears in the sky like a ghost. Everyone acts as if they hadn’t seen anything, turning away silently and continuing to go about their urgent business." (From: arsenal, september 20).


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