Drawing (172) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Details from a Roman fresco painting from the 5th century before Christ in the burial chamber of a diver in Paestum that shows the naked diver’s silhouette. Next to these, an inside look at a rubber glove factory from the 20th century after Christ, with a hand clothed in light-colored gloves pulling a black glove off one of the many molds. We are islands of perception, singularities, bodies which supplant other bodies and spirits, gliding grimly through a time we can no longer grasp as a continuum. Over here, one gaze has failed, while over there, it has been captured anew in the photographic valley of tears, praising the constellations of the real. Or rather it has been brought about by a mosaic of tiny stones that brings a movement gliding past to a halt and hammers it into our consciousness. Like a theory that nails together isolated gazes into a semantic shack as if there were nothing it hadn’t seen. All this screams: I will have lived, but I didn’t know it. It has come upon me." (From: arsenal, june 15)



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