Drawing (170) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Space and a whole load of galaxies in the form of an elliptical disc being held over San Blas Bay on Gozo as viewed from the Mistra Rocks shortly before the deadly Milghuba waves make shore. The tents of a beach party in Denmark are superimposed over the scene, with a surfer friend’s silhouette appearing as a striped surfboard pattern. In 1983, he put up our two-men tent right in the midst of three large family tents. He then occupied himself with the adolescents, who were on the scene straight away. My brain was filled with a black cloud, as I read the newspaper. A couple of teenagers tried to tickle my toes. I retreated into the tent and closed the zip. My friend’s big moment: he taught the girls and boys a lesson about respecting privacy. They were impressed. Beforehand, in Hamburg, he’d used a hammer to smash the one-way mirror in the pick up spot next to the police station on the Reeperbahn. An official was seated behind it to lie in wait for the gays. A facility of Home Affairs Senator Helmut Schmidt." (From: arsenal, december 13).


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