Drawing (169) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

 "NYC, August 1975. The similarity between a taxi driver and Josef von Sternberg drives a wedge into my experience of time, making the city collapse before my eyes. He took me to a building at the entrance of the Holland Tunnel on the corner of Hudson Street and Canal Street. Overcome by flashbacks, I finally had a full nervous breakdown while on the ferry in the harbor. I packed my things and drove west, from Manhattan to the Nevada desert, which I reached in two days. There, I lost myself in gambling. What do we learn from this? Failure is due to a lack of curiosity! All the protagonists of my dreams who I might have questioned were still alive. But instead of asking questions, I only knew answers back then. My body was more exhausted from this than I’ve ever experienced again. The miracle of faces that allow everything to collapse and be revived again. But the question remains: who once looked into your cradle in such a way? Z, S, and E are the first letters in the names of people who I’ve forgotten." (From: arsenal, july/august 16).


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