Drawing (145) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Undetected nails in the heads, the spiral-shaped abandonment of a Western understanding of life. At the end of Paul Bowles' novel Let It Come Down, the American Nelson Dyar - after escaping from Tangiers' International Zone and high on majoun - rams a nail through the auditory canal of his local guide Thami Beidaouis and into his brains. Only a trickle of blood is visible from the outside - inconspicuous but eloquent. The murderer as an acrobat, a wrestler and a referee, in the different regions of the brain. You grew up perfectly my friend, but your life is so pointless in the Western world. Murder as the last resort, to come into contact with the police officer's world. At the time, the universe of German television, in which night after night social democratic police inspector duos explain how the world works, was still unknown. Quality of Life was still not part of any party platform. I am ill, therefore I am, is how a loquacious fellow of cultural studies sums it up. In other words: The eyes are contemporaries of the teeth." (From: arsenal, december 12).


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