Drawing (143) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Thirty-four notebooks falling from the inside of a passenger plane flying upside-down with a part of its roof torn away. A Spanish peasant- photographed by Georg Riesner and Hans Namuth in 1936-stirs a wooden fork in the hole of the fuselage. In early 1974, I'm sitting on a long bench in front of the skeleton of a whale in the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt, with my head supported by my left hand. Silke Grossmann took the picture. In the exhibition, the contours of the whale were set in relation to the skeleton, to make it easier for the viewers to grasp. Death halved by the picture edge pours a jug of water over my head. The torture of history that releases the individual into nothingness. A military religiosity. A nagging knowledge. A stroked chord, a teased-out something. The time span of sending and receiving has been too minimal until now. The richness of interpretations eaten away by bacteria, lost in time windows that couldn't be kept open." (From: Schwarze Blöcke, SchwarzHandPresse 2010).


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