Drawing (136) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Uniform advertising and advertising uniforms. The battle of the sexes as a more or less entertaining circus number in a department store catalogue. Something hard to grasp for homosexuals, unless one also declares the degrees of difference within one sex to be battle positions. Pairings of stiff men’s shorts and smooth women’s skirts pressed between clothing rails. The shorts here akin to an empty avant-garde, watched by a pair of long suit trousers in the background.  Pop culture will once again be begging for “a man, a real man”, who the USA have already received in the form of Donald Trump, who happens to be of German origin. Nothing against the smart Friedrich Hollaender, who has always had a good nose. Harvey Weinstein, who converted the casting coach into a shower, will rise again as a Jesus of an awkward physicality, and his autobiography will soon break all records. Then it will no longer be #MeToo, but rather just #I’mIn." (From: arsenal, july/august 18).


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