Drawing (130) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"An established series of animals, abbreviated to TPMS: toad, fish, dog, reptile – Tetrapoda (T), Piscis (P), Mammalia (M), Sauropsida (S). The Pym logo reflected in the pupil of the Eye of Horus, the Eye of Ra. Maltese fishing boats carry Eyes of Horus on their prows. At the bottom left, a stenographer draws the positive of the logo in her notebook. Next to her, to the right, the muscle extracted from an eyelid, pierced by a pencil, preventing any sort of external vision. People languidly play Blind Man’s Buff and record their movements in the process, making use of their fingers and sticks as their gazes materialize along linear paths. The engineers’ drafts are guided by their inner eyes and must be sketched on demand. The boss sits in the middle, blindfolded, and is permitted to point at either empty spaces or people. This is how the universal prayer of Visual Communication became both abbreviated to death and a record of the last things people see. I saw something, but neither did I come, nor am I a victor." (From: arsenal, may 15).




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