Drawing (94) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"The fatal triangle of projections BA - AC - CB: A loves A, B loves C and C loves A. A round dance from the film Die Basis des Make-Up with John Erdman, who plays a rug dealer, and his assistants Eckhard Rhode and Claus-Wilhelm Klinker, whose facial profiles cross the picture. At the end of the film, John Erdman declaims with his face next to a fender looking down at the floor: 'Through the rain an inflated piece of road, on which I seem to be lying with my face, can be seen. Unmoving lips in dust, with a slowly disappearing consciousness. Only noises. The only things that really remain for the amateur are helplessness and poor teeth.' On the lower part of the picture, a temple sinks into the slabs of a square in North Korea. The word LIBRA is emblazoned on its tympanum, standing for 'pound' or 'scales' or perhaps for 'library'. For ZDF, this was the 'worst film we ever broadcast', for me it was a rather successful personal ad." (From: arsenal, may 13).


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