Drawing (90) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"Loving cups. On July 9, 2019, David Marc passed away. He was one of the first and best to analyze American television. His books Demographic Vistas (1984) and Comic Visions (1989) were foundational, his collection of essays Bonfire of the Humanities (1995) is ingenious. Here he can be seen standing stoically next to his VW in autumn 1974, the vehicle in which we had slid down an incline in the Catskill Mountains. Our friend Tim Kennedy, the filmmaker and later landscape planner, fled the scene of the accident. We were post-war kids and slowly, but surely, became the theoreticians of this transitional period, which ushered in a new war for him long before it did for me. His venerated teacher Ken Jacobs, who cut all ties to him early on due to some trifling matter, had said to me in 1975 as the first German in that circle, 'I wouldn’t be exchanging a single word with you if the Vietnam War hadn’t taken place'. David didn’t deserve such harshness, because he knew the wars we experienced personally would be entirely different ones." (From: arsenal, september 19).


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