Drawing (87) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"A primal real estate scene: perplexity after being thrown out of 100 Hudson Street. A portrait of American director Jim Jennings in our shared apartment on President Street, Brooklyn in February 1975. A hand pushes a wooden board carrying one full slice and one half slice of rye bread into the image. Jim, who financed his films by working as a plumber, teeters on a chair before a map of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Chinese torture: ice-cold water pours through a bamboo cane into the left-hand sleeve of his wool jacket. People without capital delude themselves about how long they will be able to work. It is not only market-conformist forces that endeavor to eradicate their individual qualities. Poor as church mice, we battled almost obsessively against them with our somewhat melancholic foundation myths. It drove Jim to the jazz clubs, just as I began to savor the anonymous proletariat existence of a runaway serf in a Free and Hanseatic city." (From: arsenal, may 14).


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