Drawing (85) from THE BASIS OF MAKE-UP

"King Tetris in action. Rectangular formations falling in all possible combinations from a head that is helpless and numb from compulsive gambling. King Tetris in on autopilot and reacts trance-like to every movement at the edge of his gaze. Yet two arms still stick out from his insides in the direction of a possible rescuer. But it is only a fork gradually losing its prongs that actually approaches his face. Behind it is a microbe that causes diarrhea, appearing like a bomb over a small town hospital that is preparing itself for the outbreak of an epidemic. Pure playing time set against the forced progression of a disease. The departure from real time that occurs when in the grip of pathological gambling is addictive. The forced entrance into real time which marks the analogue progression of a disease is devastating. In both cases, darkness spreads, threatening to consume everything. The crown of creation rids itself of all obligations, its head retreating from view between the teeth of a zip." (Aus: arsenal, october 15).



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